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I never write reviews, but I really think it`s an exception if you get great customer service. I would definitely recommend using Contractors State License Preparation if you intend to get your state license as a contractor. Their service was excellent and was always available to help me with any questions I had. Luis was very helpful and extremely patient with me during the process and even proved me with help at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the app and responded to emails almost every day. They provided me with all the learning materials and now I am preparing to take my exam. It`s worth your money! The California Contractor School Online is another great option for your California contractor`s licensing exam course. It provides online manuals and tests in all contractor classifications for the state. As with other online schools, success depends on your own care in supporting online tests and preparing with online textbooks. To obtain and maintain a California Contractor License, you must contact the California State Licensing Board (CSLB). The CSLB regulates the construction industry and ensures that contractors apply sound, safe and ethical standards on the construction site and in public. Note: If you have had an active license in good condition from Arizona, Nevada or Utah for five (5) years, you may be entitled to reciprocity from the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). For more information, visit the CSLB website to identify additional requirements. As of July 1, 2017, there is a California license fee of $330 for contractors.

I wanted to thank Luis for his classes, I am about to get my license. I`m learning so much. So many things I thought I knew about construction turned out not to comply with the law. I know my work, but if you attend his classes and he explains how contracts and offers and quotes work, you are guaranteed to learn a lot. I am grateful because I lost a lot of money in 1 job because I thought I knew everything and I was not worried, but it was a blessing in disguise as it pushed me to get my license. I`ll tell you to talk to Luis or this school, it`s a great school and you`ll learn so much. If you have been qualified for at least five years and are working under the same classification with a California entrepreneur license or have passed the legal and business admission exams, no exam is required. All other candidates must pass their exam with a minimum score of 67%. strong skills and knowledge; very grateful to have met this preparatory class, never really, even if I went ahead and passed my law and trade test because I was not good at school or I found the time to go to school and study. Javier made it very easy to understand the law and helped me with what I was missing before my crash test. After I died, Javier also helped me with the paperwork needed to start my business. I recommend anyone who wants to become a company to opt for it and contact CSL Prep.

We recommend taking a look at the list of California entrepreneur licensing schools that have a proven track record of supporting future entrepreneurs. Each of them will surely help you prepare safely for the exam. Below we have reviewed their main strengths and price ranges to make it easier for you to choose: I recommend you 100% if you are looking for your license, call Sofort Luis. If you want someone to guide and motivate you, it`s your instructor. I have 15 years of experience with tiles, I thought about getting my license 8 years ago ahahaha, but what can I say, I was busy. or at least that`s the excuse. Luis certainly didn`t let me get away with it, but thanks to him, I got my license. If you really want your license to commit and take this step, otherwise, you will want it all your life.

Let us put you on the right track to get your contractor`s license. Very good school, well trained instructions will help you a lot and will answer all your questions if I recommend it. I would like to warmly thank the workers of cslp. Many entrepreneur schools promise you the license, but never help you with the process like Luis or Teresa. With cslp, thank God I was able to get my gardening license. I want to tell my people that it is possible to get your license even if you don`t speak much English. No need to invest effort and time. A big thank you to the preparation of the state license of entrepreneurs.

Licensing schools were founded in 1982 and claim to be the largest entrepreneur licensing school in the United States.

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